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Our Philosophy

Client Commitment

The goal of our attorneys is to assist our clients in achieving success. While some clients may define success as winning at trial, others may define success as coming to a mutually acceptable resolution while preserving a relationship with the other party. Whatever your definition of success is, our attorneys work to ensure you feel confident in your decisions along the way.

Confidence comes from being prepared – for both the client and the attorney. Our attorneys are commited to making certain our clients understand the process, their options at each stage of the case, and the recommendations of their attorney – whether preparing for trial or preparing to a resolution.

Strength Through Experience

Together our attorneys have over 50 years of experience advocating for clients in Northwestern Wisconsin. Beginning her career with James Erickson Law Office in 1980, Kathleen Gionis was the first woman attorney in Polk County, taking over the practice in 1984 when Mr. Erickson was elected judge.

Thirty-seven years later, Kathleen, and her daughter, Kate, maintain the practice, employing a team comprised of all women. The extensive experience of our attorneys and staff will provide close attention to your individual needs and those of your case and the representation you deserve in navigating the legal system.

Civility and Integrity

Our attorneys wish to instill in every client feelings of respect, dignity and trust. Litigation can be emotionally draining, time consuming and one of the most stressful times people endure. We recognize that working with an attorney you trust and who treats you with respect is one of the most important aspects of the attorney/client relationship.​

In all interactions, and in each aspect of our practice, our attorneys and staff strive to treat those with whom we interact with dignity and respect.

Dedication to Service

Our attorneys take seriously their responsibility to provide equal access to justice and serve their community. Both attorneys have expressed their commitment to equal access to justice by accepting Wisconsin State Public Defender appointments in all of Northwestern Wisconsin, as well as accepting appointments through the courts at a reduced rate in both civil and criminal cases.

In addition to serving the community through work in the criminal justice system, our attorneys have also provided pro bono and reduced rate legal representation by partnering with several agencies serving domestic abuse survivors and their families in Northwestern Wisconsin.

Community service is also a priority for our attorneys in their personal time. Kathleen and Kate have been active community volunteers with the Law Day Advice Booth, Rotary and Lions Clubs, and the United Methodist Church.


Practice Areas

Life can be complicated.

Almost everything we do is affected by the law in some way – from getting married to helping our aging parents and, at times, maybe even helping our kids. 

Clearly, people don’t need a lawyer for their everyday interactions, as some issues are not really legal in nature, but many issues do have a legal aspect and an attorney’s assistance can help you navigate difficult times with a greater degree of ease and confidence.

skilled attorneys with extensive backgrounds

Aggressive criminal defense

experienced courtroom performance

“She was astute and tenacious, and worked to get me the best settlement that was reasonable to expect. She advised me at every step…. I was very pleased with the professionalism of both herself and her staff. They knew who I was every time I called…She even discovered several mistakes that the other attorney made which would have cost me a good bit, and I’m very happy about that. I will retain Ms. Gionis if I should ever find myself in need of an attorney again.”

“My divorce case is just wrapping up…. With young children involved things can get difficult. Kate has far exceeded my expectations. This has been a very hard year for me and she has been amazing! She truly cares, she listens, she is honest, and is very good at what she does! I would recommend Kate to anyone!”